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Whether you’re a job seeker or an employer looking for workers, there’re a couple of questions you will need to ask your labour hire agency to ensure that your engagement with them will produce the kind of results you desire. These are the top questions you should ask your labour hire agency:

Questions employers should ask their labour hire agency

  1. Which industries have you specialised to recruit for?
  2. Which recruitment process do you use to acquire your candidates?
  3. What are your agency’s health and safety obligations for candidates?
  4. How do you remunerate your workers and are you compliant with government regulations?
  5. Do you offer any guarantees for employees who do not perform as expected?


Questions job seekers should ask their labour hire agency

  1. What are your areas of specialisation and what types of temporary job openings do you recruit for?
  2. Who pays my salary and which benefits am I entitled to?
  3. Can I turn down job offers that are not interesting to me?
  4. What happens if I happen to accept a job offer that I later come to realise was not suitable for me?
  5. Do you provide any kind of training and is it free?


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