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Labour hire is a labour provision arrangement whereby a labour hire agency provides workers to your business on a hire basis for temporary or long-term engagements. What this means is that the workers, even though they work at your company and report directly to you, are not your employees but rather employees you hire from another firm (the agency) to work for you.

Who do labour hire agencies work for?

While many people assume that labour hire firms focus solely on the interests of their clients, these companies also need to fulfil their mandated employer obligations to their workers. This ensures that both parties, their client companies as well as their candidates (or workers) benefit from the arrangement – otherwise it wouldn’t work.

So, in addition to providing a convenient labour solution to businesses looking for flexible workforce solutions, labour hire agencies also give workers looking for a work arrangement that gives them more freedom a platform to find jobs with a high degree of consistency.

How can labour hire firms help employers?

Employers stand to get several benefits from using labour hire firms to satisfy their temporary or long-term labour needs. Some of the benefits of using labour hire agencies include:

  1. Quick cover for employee absences. It’s a common occurrence in any business to have employees missing work for different reasons: illness, maternity leaves, injuries, or even annual leaves. These employee absences can make it very difficult for your business to continue running smoothly as the labour gaps would mean that some workstations are left unmanned affecting workflow. Labour hire agencies help you plug these labour gaps by providing you with workers to fill these roles while your permanent employees are away. The temps provided by labour hire firms possess the skills and experience necessary for them to hit the ground running which eliminates any downtime that you could have otherwise suffered.
  2. Workforce flexibility. Working with a labour hire agency enables you to have a flexible workforce. Since the demand for products is always fluctuating throughout the year, maintaining the optimum workforce can be quite challenging. Sometimes workloads are high requiring more workers and other times workloads are low requiring a smaller workforce. Partnering with a labour hire agency provides you with a dynamic workforce that you can adjust to suit the current labour requirements. Your agency will provide you with additional temporary workers when you need them and you’ll have the freedom to let them go when extra help is no longer needed.
  3. Cheaper recruitment. Employee recruitment is a resource intensive undertaking. A significant amount of money and time will have to be spent every time you need to bring in a new employee – even temporary ones. By using the services of a labour hire agency, you outsource the entire recruitment function to the labour hire firm making the recruitment process a lot cheaper and a lot faster due to the advanced recruitment strategies employed by labour hire firms.
  4. Access to a variety of skills. Labour hire agencies provide you with endless skill sets that you can call in at whatever time to help out with projects. This will help keep your operating costs down and also help you complete projects on time. This is because you won’t have to hire or contract workers to perform the tasks or wait until your current workers receive training to perform the new task. This way you can bring in specialists to perform specific tasks without needing to hire permanently for temporary roles or to enter into contracts without knowing how long the specialist will be needed.
  5. Efficient and effective recruitment. Because labour hire agencies have only one job – that of sourcing and providing workers – they are highly specialised and very good at what they do. Their developed recruitment processes and superior employer-employee matching techniques ensure that you only get suitable employees who have a very high likelihood of succeeding in your organisation. And in case the provided employee does not live up to expectation, you can simply ask for a replacement. This specialisation also makes them pretty good at sourcing for talent even for the most niche sectors.

How can labour hire firms help job seekers?

Job seekers also stand to benefit greatly from enlisting with labour hire agencies. Here are some of the benefits you (as a job seeker) will gain by using a labour hire agency to find work.

  1. More employment opportunities. Labour hire agencies are the go to labour solutions providers for most employers. This gives them access to numerous job opportunities that you might not have been able to access if you were searching for a job directly. Enrolling with a labour hire company will help you land high-quality jobs a lot faster.
  2. Get flexible work arrangements. By using labour hire agencies to acquire jobs, you get to choose where you want to work and when to work. You can pass on a work opportunity if you are busy with other commitments and take on jobs whenever you need or want to. A labour hire employment arrangement is one of the least rigid employment engagements and enables workers to have adequate freedom to find time for other important aspects of their life.If permanent employment does not suit your lifestyle or needs, labour hire agencies will ensure you have a consistent stream of temporary jobs to provide you with a steady income without putting you under the restrictions of permanent employment.
  3. Diverse work experiences. Job seekers looking for diverse work experiences will find it very beneficial to work with a labour hire agency. As a registered candidate of a labour hire agency, a worker will be sent on different assignments in various companies and industries enabling them to experience different company cultures and work environments. This experience can be extremely useful especially if you plan to get a permanent job eventually.
  4. Excellent employer-employee matching. Labour hire agencies have got the expertise and strategies to ensure that their candidates are matched with employers that have a corporate culture that will suit them. As such, your labour hire agency will be able to put you on assignments in companies where you will fit in and enjoy working in. Training and onboarding might also be provided in some instances to ensure that you start on good footing once you report for duty at a client’s firm making job transitions easy and pain free.
  5. Opportunity for permanent employment. For job seekers looking for permanent employment, labour hire agencies give you the perfect opportunity to showcase your talents to potential employers. Many employers use labour hire temps to test out new roles which gives candidates the first opportunity to “audition” for the roles. If the employer is impressed, the chances of them offering you a permanent job instead of recruiting for the position are very high.

Additionally, you will be in a better position to hear about new employment opportunities while on work assignments within your industry than someone sitting at home looking at job ads.

Labour hire agencies are popular with both employers and job seekers because they provide solutions and opportunities to both parties. So whether you’re a worker looking for employment or an employer looking for workers, labour hire agencies are worth your consideration. 


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